Your tattoo master may not master in Chinese!

  • Our Chinese tattoo advise is made by the local expert, which we guarantee the correctness of language.
  • You can choose which Chinese form: beautiful traditional Chinese or popular simplified Chinese.
  • Optional paid service of graphics of Chinese words in different font as the reference for your tattoo maker.

2 Steps to gain real Chinese advise:

[1] Fill the form:

[2] Choose your plan:

Chinese tattoo advise (no Chinese words graphic)

9.9 per tattoo. If you have more, please choose right numbers


Chinese tattoo advise with Chinese word graphics

19.9 per tattoo and Chinese word graphics as reference for your tattoo master!


[3] You will get the advise in 3-5 days!

Need to check the Chinese tattoo meaning you already own? Click here >>>Chinese Tattoo Checker<<<

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