We know it is not easy

We know it is hard for non-Chinese small/medium enterprise(SME), SOHO and individual to find local resource and partnership in China and Taiwan if they don’t have much connection with Chinese and Taiwanese. Due to the internet restriction and language gap, it makes things harder.

Chinese-Advisor has a giant network to help you find right resource

Chinese-Advisor has a giant business network of Chinese and Taiwanese SME and start-ups, which are highly flexible, creative and passionate teams and enterprises to your needs. What’s more, they are likely to know what SME and start-up would encounter because they were there. And the best part is, normally they charge lower with above-average performance comparing to the big company.

How it Work

  1. Make request to Chinese-Advisor
  2. Pay the price ahead
  3. Chinese-Advisor searches potential resource in the network
  4. Check interest of the qualified company
  5. Deliver result report and contact information to you

No-result-found money back guarantee: If there is no available target found, we will refund 90% of the price.

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