Do you know how your native names come from?

Or how did/will you name your babies?

It is not hard to have a name, but it is hard to have a meaningful name. Our native name is determined probably with serious consideration by parents, family members or even by ourselves (in the case we change our name in adulthood). Most people do not select a native name by random pick, but the meaning behind the name. It may be a personality type/trait behind the name, it may be some great/memorable people that make your name or more reasons it could be. However, we don’t name our babies or ourselves with random words. Because it is a name we could use for a lifetime.

Whatever American finds a Chinese name or Chinese finds an English name, we usually ignore something —— the meanings for you and availabilities for the culture.

Sometime we may see some weird English names when some eastern people introduce themselves. The name is maybe out-of-school, or a kind of fruit, emotion, weather and so on. For example Sunny Chen, Coco Lin, Happy Lee, Apple Chen, etc. It is not their faults. They pick those English names from an English name list from A to Z or are named by families, teachers, and friends, or just pick a favorite word. Chinese doesn’t know well about western culture on name issues, so some people make those names. If they turn to English speakers, those strange English names may not happen.

For non-Chinese speakers, the same situation would happen while they don’t know well about the Chinese language and the name culture. Many Chinese names used by non-Chinese speakers doesn’t make sense, or not the proper characters, or not a fit and tailored one.

Actually, making a suitable Chinese name is harder than having an English name because Chinese is a language basing on characters, not words. In fact, there are nearly 100,000 Chinese characters in the largest Chinese dictionary database and there are 4000 – 6000 characters for common use in life. For a three-character Chinese name, excluding family name, and assume 500 characters are available for naming(actually it is more), it could be 500*500=250,000 collections for a Chinese name (at least). If you want a tailored Chinese name with beautiful meanings, you need to design it with reliable resources.

Here are some methods and tips to get a real and authentic Chinese name with proper meaning and make sense for Chinese speakers.

  1. Always ask Chinese speakers: whatever you pick characters by yourself or find an online generator to create a Chinese name, it’d better find Chinese speakers, who know Chinese language and culture well, to make sure its actual meaning and availability. That would decrease the rate of misusing words. Online tools are not a reliable resource to get a Chinese name. Brainstorming with Chinese speakers would be a much better resource. The name quality depends on your Chinese fellow’s language knowledge.
  2. Take other Chinese names as reference: for those names used by Chinese speakers, they are usually the available character set in the country. You may take their names and look into their meanings as your reference while creating a name. Go to Facebook, you can have massive Chinese name data by clicking friend’s friends! You can even find some news reports of the most popular Chinese name in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. They could help.
  3. Find a Chinese name expert: For ethnic Chinese in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore, many Chinese families turn to fortunetellers for getting a good name. For them, a fortuneteller is an expert to “calculate” the personal destiny and create a name based on it. For non-Chinese speakers, you don’t need to find a mysterious guru but could find a professional name maker. They know more about the Chinese characters, culture, and name -making techniques, which help to build a truly tailored/personalized Chinese name in accordance with basically what you want like the close pronunciation of the native name, career-linked traits, personal traits, life pursuit, and self-expectation.

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